2020 Marketing Trends

2020 Marketing Trends

Fikir hunisi 2020 pazarlama trendleri

What will be the trend that will have the greatest impact on digital marketing in 2020? What can advertisers and digital marketing leaders prioritize to prepare for these changes? We share predictions that will offer advantages to brands and agencies this year and the next decade.

"Data privacy will gain importance"

Developments and impacts on data privacy will be one of the important agenda items in the digital marketing world in 2020. Due to the regulations (GDPR, CCPA) that come into our lives within the scope of the privacy of personal data and because of the blocking and restrictions of 3rd party codes in browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, new solutions await us in terms of ad targeting and measurement. This means that the cookies will gradually disappear in the coming period. It will be difficult to apply retargeting strategies in digital performance targeted publications in some browsers and also to implement access and conversion measurements and reporting. Therefore, agencies and advertisers should enter the world of "post-cookie" preparedly. Cookie-based solutions should be avoided in digital media strategies and technology investments. Contextual targeting strategies will gain importance again in this new period.

"Voice assistants will rise around the world as a disruptive innovation"

Voice technology-based platforms, which can be used for many different purposes such as comparing products and prices, interacting with the brand, or making online shopping using voice commands, are expected to develop rapidly in the upcoming period. Through smart speakers, mobile phones, tablet computers, smart TV, automobile and other connected devices, voice assistant technology already seems to have an installation base covering 2 billion devices worldwide, more than 40 different languages and regional dialects. The adoption of voice assistants in the USA, which reached 50% penetration in just 4 years, was faster than any technology introduced to the market so far. As a disruptive innovation, I think that voice assistants, which are believed to fundamentally change our relations with the devices we use and the world around us, will have an increasing impact worldwide. For this reason, executives working in the field of digital marketing and the customer masses served by platforms based on sound technology; they must closely follow the changes in their behavior, attitudes and habits and the development of the relevant industry, and shape their upcoming period strategies accordingly.

"It will be inevitable to process data with machine learning and deliver personalized content to the relevant audience."

In 2020, it will be inevitable that personalized content will be delivered to the relevant audiences by collecting data accurately from all channels and processing them with machine learning. Marketing automation tools should be used more effectively, CRM / BI will become even more important for this to happen. In addition, mobile application and website data will be ready to be viewed cumulatively, on the other hand, offline data will be combined with online data. For this reason, brands need to determine the tools they want to use or develop in line with their KPIs and complete the relevant integrations quickly for better measurement and targeting. We anticipate that brands that act fast in this field will have a more productive year by differentiating from their competitors.

“Communication through a single channel is insufficient as a concept; The main channel in the future is independent and customized communication”

Today's consumers expect many habits such as speed, flexibility, transparency and convenience shaped by social media and e-commerce from brands 24/7 and on all channels. From the moment a brand falls on the mind of the consumer, there are now many factors determining the process leading to purchasing. The aim of brands is to make this cycle continuous by transforming these factors into positive experiences. At the center of the experience is a correctly designed technology use strategy, starting with the product itself. We design smart products and services that can be integrated into products for our customers. For this reason, Omni-Channel as a concept is not sufficient anymore because these channels appeal to the general audience. Identifying the customer's needs and not communicating privately has become a disadvantage. On the other hand personalized individual service is the strong marketing strategy of the future. The main thing is to be able to create an independent, singular experience. Therefore, big data analysis and CRM strategies will always continue to be the most important factor. The new generation products to be built on these two basic functions are enriched with marketing automation, personalized offers, different technologies that will transform in-store experiences, especially Chat-Bot, Voice-Command and artificial intelligence; Technologies that offer 24/7 support and platform-independent shopping experience will be on the agenda of brands in the coming years.