Keys to Digital Marketing: Audience

Keys to Digital Marketing: Audience

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We are planning to write a series of articles that will examine digital marketing keys. We will take examples from authors and articles that have proven their reliability by referring to the information and articles in this series and enrich them with our updated comments.

Let’s start. Taking successful steps in terms of your business goals depends on delivering the marketing campaigns of the products or services you are responsible for to the most relevant consumer. The growth of your brand is based on providing your customers and potential customers with an experience that exceeds their expectations in all steps of their purchasing process. In the marketing world where competition is increasing day by day; all businesses need to be able to deliver products or services to the most relevant consumers, who are selected according to data-based decisions at the steps of their purchasing process. In other words, your choice of “audience” can make your brand stand out from your competitors in the long run.

The effective editing of the message you give to the audience in your product promotions can easily change the perspective of consumers towards a brand in a negative or positive way in a short time.

When the prices of the products offered on the site and the campaign do not match, it is inevitable for the company to be described as sloppy or inconsistent in terms of consumers. This situation may also affect future purchasing relationships with the brand. On the other hand, it creates a completely different perception when the brand offers special opportunities only to the site visitors as a reward. In addition, after performing data analysis by using the information in the CRM system, as a business that displays customized and relevant advertisements for its customers in different segments also can increase brand loyalty by exceeding the expectations of consumers.

Marketing professionals, who understand their customers and potential customers in the best way and create advertisements with the most appropriate marketing messages by using their interests and knowledge, can achieve their goals successfully.

“Reaching the right person at the right time with the right message” is a discourse that almost all marketing experts know and try to implement. Therefore, details of this may be needed. We can examine our recommendations on the audience issue in terms of Digital Marketing Transformation in three parts:

1) Get a data strategy to get to know your customers better.

First of all, focus on the data of your current customers. You can collect data based on your customers’ interest and relevance impressions and then create your main segment categories such as region, age, gender, interests and required products. You can manage your campaigns through these segments you have created. You can evaluate this data while making strategic decisions such as new product launches and new market opening.

2) Reflect your marketing approach to the entire purchasing process

You can determine with which strategy you can reach your existing customers or potential customers and what the clear goals in these steps should be. Create ways and areas to reach your customers and potential customers with “Seeing, Thinking, Doing, Caring” analyzes.

3) Perform your audience targeting in a cross-channel and connected way

You can try to manage your communications and advertising strategies in different media channels in an interconnected way. Interpret the reports and performance data obtained as a result of the advertising activities in the media channels as much as possible and use them for your future communication experiences. You can also use this method in performance marketing studies in all channels. Do not forget that; It is essential to differentiate mass strategies continuously, automatically and rapidly according to changing customer behavior.  In addition, you should definitely get help from software to collect and interpret your customer data. Also you can get support and consultancy from ‘Funnel of Idea’ for all your products, services and brands.

We created this article by researching and commenting on marketing articles. We hope that the article, in which we have added our own knowledge, will also have a place in your knowledge.