The spider weaves its webs and waits for the vibration

The spider weaves its webs and waits for the vibration

Fikir Hunisi Blog- The spider weaves its webs and waits for the vibration

The fact that consumers encounter your product while searching is not enough to make your brand preferable. Just as spiders chances of feeding and surviving increase when they weave their webs at strategic points by making use of their experiences and instincts; In order to achieve the best results and instill brand loyalty, it is necessary to utilize some behavioral science principles. Brand loyalty is strengthened by the five behavioral science principles you use when modifying ad copy to draw consumer attention from favorite brands to others. If we talk about these principles, which will play a role in brand recognition and its transformation into a preferred brand, and which we can achieve when we support every trend in the most effective way;

  1. The power of free: Offering free products, offers and coupons with shopping can be a great source of motivation for the consumer.
  2. Authority bias: Brands, products and services stand out from their competitors when supported by experts and reliable sources.
  3. Framing: Changing the frame of reference can make users reconsider the value of the product or service. By taking advantage of framing, you can highlight benefits such as usefulness and time savings.
  4. Social proof: Taking advantage of comments and suggestions or emphasizing that the product or service is a popular choice among a relevant reference group can be very persuasive methods.
  5. Costly signaling: You can show that the product is premium by making premium associations and highlighting the features that set the product apart.

You can shift shoppers’ preferences from their favorite brand to other brands when you change the ad text of brands to test the impact of different policies (also called trends) one at a time. The reason why users sometimes prefer a fictitious brand they have never heard of is due to the ad texts created/modified using these principles.

When used wisely and responsibly, behavioral science is a powerful tool for changing and protecting consumers’ choices in the “complex world”. Increasing the impact of the ad text by taking advantage of all the trends will bring you closer to the perfect result that will satisfy you. In short, use the tools available and combine the power of behavioral science and creativity to get results. Take a sample from the spiders, wait, get it, and feel the energy of life, the vibration.